Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Orders

All purchase orders must have authorized purchase or sales order and revision must be made in writing. Dugo will not accept order unless done so by fax or in writing and confirmed by Dugo.

• Telephone orders are not acceptable.

• If an account has not been established, first payment of 80% is required with purchase order.


Dugo reserves the right to withdraw or increase the price of a product without notice.

• For pricing requiring discount, please contact our customer service.

• In-between quantities will be invoiced at the lower quantity price.


All orders are subject to agreed payment terms and credit approval. 80% advance payment is required before production is carried out. Where there is a direct payment into our account, payment slips can be faxed or e-mailed.


The standard production period is within 3 working days from receipt of item approval and paper proof. Some items or quantities may need longer delivery, and sales representative will inform you based on your project.

• Standard Rush order cost is charged for Rush Order Service (ROS). This service is subject to customer written request and acceptance by Dugo. Exceptions on price reduction or increment are made at Dugo’s discretion based on the time/deadline involved for the processing.

Laser Engraving

Setup cost is charged for each logo setup. Repeat logo setup cost may be required at Dugo’s discretion.

• Laser engraving running cost are charged separately from normal setup cost.

Sublimation Metal

Setup cost is charged for each logo setup. Repeat logo setup cost may be required at Dugo’s discretion.

Running costs are charged separately for the followings:

• A4 size (print not exceeding 8”x11.2”)

• A5 size (print not exceeding 5.4”x7.8”)

• Under A5 size ( print below 5.4”x7.8”)

• Cutting and Assemblage per product

Silkscreen Printing

Setup cost is charged for the following:

Each single logo setup.

• Screen and setup fee for first color and location.

• Running cost.

Transfer Printing

Running cost is charged for the following:

• A4 size (print not exceeding 8”x11.2”)

• A5 size (print not exceeding 5.4”x7.8”)

• Under A5 size ( print below 5.4”x7.8”)

• Where logo setup is required, logo setup cost is charged separately from the running cost.


All artwork done by clients and sent to Dugo are expected to be production ready artwork necessary for immediate production of order.

• Artworks must be converted to curves and saved in a CD ROM disk or USB FLASH disk using CorelDraw, or MsWord file format.

• Paper artwork or sample proof must be approved before a pre-production sample is made. This can be done by a physical sighting of artwork and signature confirmation. A duly approved artwork or sample proof can also be scanned and mailed or faxed to Dugo. Dugo will not be held responsible for any subsequent error discovered on a duly approved artwork by customer.

• Any artworks saved using JPEG, PDF, or TIF format are subject to setup charge.

• Clear and visible paper or electronic artworks done internally by dugo at the request of a client are also subject to setup cost.

• Accompanying photographs sent to Dugo for production must be in high resolution of at least 300dpi to ensure quality output.

Customer provides information or names in MsWord, Excel, or CorelDRAW file.

Use of special or preferred fonts is subject to availability of such fonts in Dugo database. Fonts that are almost similar to the preferred choice can be substituted at Dugo’s discretion with client’s approval. Clients will be required to send installable fonts application to Dugo where substitution is not acceptable.

E-mail artwork: Please email the art to: art@dugolimited.com and identify it with purchase number as a reference. Follow up notification is recommended.

Don't send art to size, Dugo will size art appropriately for best visual effect.

Art used for laser engraving products can not be used for sublimation prints, silk screening or transfer prints, therefore an additional art charge/setup will be applicable.

Dugo keeps artworks in file for a period of 18 months. All repeats after that period will require new artworks.

Paper Proof and Sample Proof

Paper proofs are submitted to customer in person or electronically at no charge for up to one revision. Any additional revision contrary to the actual manuscript or order given for production of artwork attracts revision cost per page.

Sample proof: Artwork setup, running cost, product cost and delivery.

Less Than Minimum Charge

Additional charge for the order less than minimum quantity in price schedule will be required.


Our standard delivery period is a minimum of 3 days from approval of sample or paper proof, while large volume orders attract longer periods ranging from weeks to months depending on the quantity ordered. For out-of-stock items request which we would have to order, minimum delivery period is 4 weeks.

Delivery Charge

All orders less than N200,000.00 attracts delivery costs. Freights costs are charged separately for orders to be delivered outside Lagos State.

Set-Up Cost

Where artwork is not provided as specified under the Artwork condition, set-up cost is charged.


No cancellation will be accepted on orders already approved for production. Dugo reserves the rights to charge a cancellation fee which will include all costs incurred up to the cancellation date.


Products found to be incorrect due to Dugo’s error would be replaced at no cost if returned within 30 days from receipt of product. A written authorization from Dugo is required prior to returns. No credit will be issued for product that is not authorized being returned to Dugo

Trademark Usage

The customer hereby agrees to hold the Company harmless to any damages, costs and expenses when they arise under all laws as consequence of the Company’s use of customer provided trademark, service mark, copyright or other materials of operations undertaken by this agreement.

Trademark Notice

The trademarks imprinted on the product displayed herein are reproduced only as examples of the type and quality of imprinted products available. They are not intended to represent that the products are either endorsed by, or produced for the owners of the artwork, design or trademark.