Creative Name Software


Our Creative Names/Name story Software is the first of its kind in Nigeria. It’s a comprehensive data base of first names which at the touch of a button prints out a person’s name, the root, meaning, origin and flattering personality traits unto a variety of beautiful art backgrounds. We are continually updating our software with Nigerian names. Our creative artists design exclusive backgrounds for our prints.

With this software you can print out a person’s first name, along with its root, origin, meaning and a list of flattering personality traits in English or Spanish. The information is printed onto one of our beautiful Art Backgrounds that have themes ranging from Nature, Religion and Sports to Animals, Music and Love. You can also use these name printouts to make snap-in mugs, key chains and many other novelties.

When making mugs, key chains, baby cups, etc., the Creative Names software automatically formats the information for placement on the most decorative part of the Art Background.

Each printout can be customized with a personal message – “I Love You”, “Happy Birthday” or any other phrase you choose. You can automatically add your company name and phone number or web address to each product. This gives your customers a method of contacting you when they want to order additional products.