Customization Processes

Our professional team at DUGO ensures that every project is given utmost consideration and treated with dispatch. All our systems have three distinctive features: (1) Ease of use (2) Speed of production and (3) One-off capability.

Our wide array of creative solutions includes: Transfer Printing, Photo Glazing, Sublimation, Chroma Crystal, Laser Engraving, Embedment, Creative Names Software, Screen Printing, Doming, Etc.


For our transfer printing we use the latest in transfer technology to design and print on T-shirts, base ball caps, Mouse pads, Umbrellas, Bags, Badges, Keychains etc.

Like our transfer printing process, we also use the latest in screen printing technology to design and print on T-shirts, base ball caps, Mouse pads, Umbrellas, Bags, Badges, Keychains etc.               

With sublimation, heat is released and dyed unto the surface of the product. This revolutionary system allows you to create brilliant full colour graphics, plus vibrant and glossy print on Award plaques, Mugs, Steins, Coasters, Clocks, Plates, Badges, Tiles, Ornaments and even Jewelry.

Our Creative Names/Name story Software is the first of its kind in Nigeria. It’s a comprehensive data base of first names which at the touch of a button prints out a person’s name, the root, meaning, origin and flattering personality traits unto a variety of beautiful art backgrounds. We are continually updating our software with Nigerian names. Our creative artists design exclusive backgrounds for our prints.

Our feature-packed computerized engraving machine is a serious workhorse with remarkable precision, versatility and easy to use. It is perfect for range of engraving jobs on acrylic, glass, crystal, wooden award plaques, corporate gifts etc.                

This is a photo to crystal technique. It is a fast and easy way to produce crystal clear gifts and awards. Artwork is first produced with a crystal paper and used with a special crystal fluid to apply the image on the artwork to the crystal. The result is a beautiful full colour output with a high resolution visual print.               

This process is used to create and personalize designs using bespoke template-based software. The process begins by Printing on a precut photo sticker that matches the design template. The printed photo sticker is then transferred on products such as lapel pin, keychain etc. An adhesive overlay is then placed on top.